Which Mexican Cities Are Connected to Los Angeles With Non-stop Flights?

Which all cities in Mexico can you fly from Los Angeles in USA with direct flights? Though a number of destinations in Mexico can be reached using connecting flights that have one or more stops in between, the direct flights are rather limited to some of the cities only.
The Mexican cities where you can fly non-stop from Los Angeles are:

City Airport Code
Cancun CUN
San Jose del Cabo SJD
Guadalajara GDL
Mexico City MEX
Puerto Vallarta PVR
Morelia MLM
Mazatlan MZT
Zacatecas ZCL
Aguascalientes AGU
Monterrey MTY
Manzanillo ZLO
Loreto LTO

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Which Cities of USA And Mexico Are Connected By Non-stop Flights?

United States shares its southern border with Mexico. Mexico is largely a Spanish and English speaking country. Similarly, the southern states of United States also have large Spanish speaking communities. Mexican immigrants have also settled in US in large numbers, particularly in southern states. The close people to people contacts between the two countries results in good degree of air travel. People from US visit Mexico for its beaches, resorts, historical sites, monuments, cultural elements and other wonders.

There are a number of connecting flights between different cities of USA and Mexico but it is the non-stop flights between the cities of two countries which provide quickest medium of transportation.

Following are the 31 cities in United States which connect with Mexican cities with direct flights:

  1. Los Angeles (LAX)- Check flights from LAX to Mexico cities
  2. Chicago (ORD)- Check flights from ORD to Mexico cities
  3. Houston (IAH)- Check flights from IAH to Mexico cities
  4. Houston (HOU)- Check flights from HOU to Mexico cities
  5. Dallas (DFW)- Check flights from DFW to Mexico cities
  6. Phoenix (PHX)- Check flights from PHX to Mexico cities
  7. New York (JFK)- Check flights from JFK to Mexico cities
  8. Newark (EWR)- Check flights from EWR to Mexico cities
  9. Miami (MIA)- Check flights from MIA to Mexico cities
  10. Austin (AUS)- Check flights from AUS to Mexico cities
  11. Las Vegas (LAS)- Check flights from LAS to Mexico cities
  12. Boston (BOS)- Check flights from BOS to Mexico cities
  13. Charlotte (CLT)- Check flights from CLT to Mexico cities
  14. Atlanta (ATL)- Check flights from ATL to Mexico cities
  15. Denver (DEN)- Check flights from DEN to Mexico cities
  16. San Francisco (SFO)- Check flights from SFO to Mexico cities
  17. Washigton DC (IAD)- Check flights from IAD to Mexico cities
  18. Baltimore (BWI)- Check flights from BWI to Mexico cities
  19. New Orleans (MSY)- Check flights from MSY to Mexico cities
  20. San Diego (SAN)- Check flights from SAN to Mexico cities
  21. San Jose (SJC)- Check flights from SJC to Mexico cities
  22. Fresno (FAT)- Check flights from FAT to Mexico cities
  23. Orlando (MCO)- Check flights from MCO to Mexico cities
  24. Detroit (DTW)- Check flights from DTW to Mexico cities
  25. Nashville (BNA)- Check flights from BNA to Mexico cities
  26. Salt Lake City (SLC)- Check flights from SLC to Mexico cities
  27. Indianapolis (IND)- Check flights from IND to Mexico cities
  28. Cincinnati (CVG)- Check flights from CVG to Mexico cities
  29. Portland (PDX)- Check flights from PDX to Mexico cities
  30. Minneapolis (MSP)- Check flights from MSP to Mexico cities
  31. Louis (STL)- Check flights from STL to Mexico cities

These cities connect with the following 29 Mexican cities with non-stop, direct flights:

  1. Cancun
  2. San Jose del Cabo
  3. Guadalajara
  4. Mexico City
  5. Puerto Vallarta
  6. Morelia
  7. Mazatlan
  8. Zacatecas
  9. Aguascalientes
  10. Monterrey
  11. Manzanillo
  12. Loreto
  13. Leon
  14. Cozumel
  15. San Luis Potosi
  16. Santiago de Queretaro
  17. Tampico
  18. Merida
  19. Heroica Veracruz
  20. Oaxaca
  21. Acapulco
  22. Puebla de los Angeles
  23. Chihuahua
  24. Ixtapa
  25. Durango
  26. Chihuaha
  27. Torreon
  28. Huatulco
  29. Hermosillo

The fact that so many Mexican and US cities are connected cements the fact that Mexico is one of the most popular destination for Americans.

Are there Direct Flights From USA to India?

United States and India are connected in a limited way with non-stop or direct flights. Only 2 Indian cities, New Delhi and Mumbai, are connected to 5 US cities with non-stop flights from USA to India.

The airlines operating these flights from US to India and their flight schedules are given in the table below. This information can help you in planning a travel between the country countries using direct flights.

Besides these direct flights, there are a number of single, double or multiple stop flights which touch down on an intermediate location.

Flights to New Delhi from USA

The cities which are connected to New Delhi from USA are San Francisco, New York, Newark, Chicago and Washington.

United Airlines connects San Francisco and Newark to New Delhi whereas Air India connects San Francisco, New York JFK, Chicago ORD and Washington IAD to New Delhi DEL.

Details of flight schedule are given below.

San Francisco-New Delhi (SFO-DEL) Flights
United Airlines 7:15 PM 11:45 PM (next day) 16 h All days except Friday
Air India 10:30 AM 3:15 PM (next day) 16 h 15 m All days except Tuesday
Air India 1:00 PM 6:00 AM (next day 16 h 30 m Saturday, Monday, Wednesday
New York-New Delhi (JFK-DEL) Flights
Air India 1:30 PM 12:55 PM (next day) 13h 55m All days
Newark-New Delhi (EWR-DEL) Flights
United Airlines 9:45 PM 9:30 PM (next day) 14h 15m All days
Chicago-New Delhi (ORD-DEL) Flights
Air India 12:00 PM 1:05 PM (next day) 14h 35 m All days
Washington-New Delhi (IAD-DEL) Flights
Air India 11:25 AM 11:00 AM (next day) 14h 05m Sunday, Wednesday, Friday

Flights to Mumbai from USA

Only 2 US cities are connected to Mumbai with non-stop flights. These are New York and Newark. While Delta Airlines connects New York to Mumbai, Air India and United Airlines connect Newark to Mumbai.

Check out the details of airlines operating these routes and their flight schedule.

New York- Mumbai (JFK-BOM)
Delta Airlines 9:05 PM 9:35 PM (next day) 15h All days
Newark-Mumbai (EWR-BOM)
Air India 12:45 PM 1:00 PM (next day) 14h 45m All days
United Airlines 8:05 PM 8:40 PM (next day) 15h 5m All days