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Southwest Airlines Baggage Allowance

Carry On Baggage

Southwest Airlines allows 1 carry on luggage and 1 personal item on board its flights per passenger. In addition to these, it also allows carriage of 1 item such as assistive devices, coat or outer garment, umbrellas, walking canes, food for consumption and child restraint device.

The carry on baggage shall not be more than 10 inches * 16 inches * 24 inches in dimensions. Personal item (which could be a laptop bag, briefcase, purse, camera or food container) shall be placed under the front seat. To ensure that you are able to place in under the front seat, it is required that the personal item shall not be more than 18.5 inches * 8.5inches*13.5inches in dimensions.

If the personal item is not able to come under the front seat, it has to be placed in the overhead cabin. If the carry on baggage is not able to come inside the overhead cabin, the same has to be checked in at the gate. This baggage is then given to passenger at the baggage claim area of arrival airport. However, it is the stoller or assistive device which is required to be given at the gate, the same can be given at the gate itself.

Are liquids allowed in cabin on Southwest Airlines flights?

Generally, liquids or more than 100ml volume are not allowed inside the cabin of Southwest Airlines. However, for international flights that are arriving in US, passengers may bring in liquids of more than 100ml provided these are purchased in duty-free shops and kept separately in Secure, Tamper-Evident bags (called STEBs).


Check In Baggage

Check-in Baggage policies of Southwest Airlines are different from other carriers of USA. It allows carriage of 2 check in bags per passenger free of cost so long as the weight of each of these bags is up to 23 kg and size is 158 cm in sum of dimensions.

Southwest Airlines is also different from other US carriers in charges of oversized and/or overweight bags. It charges $75 for each such bag which is either more than 23 kg in weight (but less than 45 kg) or is of size greater than 158 cm in sum of dimensions (but less than 203 cm). If any check in bag is both oversized and overweight, it does not charge separately for these. Rather, only a single charge applies.

However, if the passenger is bringing in more pieces of check in luggage, above the free permitted 2 bags, then $75 per such bag is charged. If the bags are either overweight or oversized as well, then the charge of carrying extra bags and either oversize or overweight charges apply (so, it will be $75+$75).

What is the check-in baggage allowance for Military personnel on Southwest Airlines?

Allowance for military personnel is not bound by the 2 check in baggage free rule. They are exempt from it. This means that they can carry more check in baggage for free. Also, they are not required to pay the oversized or overweight baggage charges so long as the size of bag is less than 203 cm in sum of dimensions and weight is less than 45 kg.


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