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Virgin America Baggage Allowance

Carry On Baggage

Virgin America allows carriage of 1 carry on baggage and 1 personal item in cabin. The personal item could be a laptop bag, briefcase, purse, umbrella, shopping bag or child restraint device. Assistive devices such as crutches, walking canes, etc can also be carried on board.

At least one collapsible wheelchair can also be taken in cabin.

Carry on or hand baggage shall not be more than 51 inches in sum of dimensions, including handles and wheels.

Linear dimension of check in bag shall not be more than 115 cm.

Guests exceeding the carry on baggage limitations will have to place their bag in check in. Excess weight, size and number of check-in bags will then be charged accordingly.

Check In Baggage

Virgin America follows the policy of charging fee for check in bags. Maximum number of bags which a passenger can check-in are 10.

For Domestic and International Flights of Virgin Atlantic

1st check-in bag is charged USD 25 for Main Cabin (non-refundable) tickets. Rest of the fare choices are allowed free 1st check-in bag.

2nd check in bag is charged USD 25 for Main Cabin and Main Cabin Select (including Refundable and Non-refundable) tickets. First Class is allowed 2nd check in bag free.

3rd to 10th check-in bags are charged USD 25 for all classes of travel.

Overweight Check In Baggage

$50 is charged for overweight check-in bags of 23 kg to 32 kg for all cabin classes of travel and $100 for overweight check-in bags of 33 kg to 45 kg.

Oversized Check in Baggage

$75 is the charge for carrying check-in bag of more than 62 inches in linear dimensions.


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