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AA to Test Google Assistant Interpreter Mode for Multilingual Support

american airlines google assistant

International Airports are truly cosmopolitan places because there can be hundreds of nationalities present at a single time and these might be speaking hundreds of languages as well. For this reason, airlines do make it a point to have multi-lingual airport assistants who can assist with translation of some of the most common languages. What if these assistance are not available and English is not the best medium to communicate? Well, that will be a harrowing experience for the passengers. This linguistic barrier is expected to be broken soon as a pilot project is being undertaken by American Airlines wherein it will seek the Google Assistant technology support in its Interpreter mode for doing translations.

To begin with this tech is being used at the Los Angeles International airport Admirals Club lounge of the airline. Using this technology, it is possible to translate about 29 different languages. This technology can also be used by the airlines at their information desks which will help in clear understanding of what customer is saying and also in providing clear guidance and correct answers. The benefit is obviously in terms of reduced confusion, improvement in airport dynamics and operations, superior customer experience and higher customer satisfaction.

American Airlines had earlier introduced some initiatives aimed at making the check-in process simpler. These were the online virtual 3D aircraft tours and redesigned kiosks. Biometric boarding is another area where the US airline companies are investing heavily and AA is no exception. This will help in clear identification of the passengers for the purpose of boarding the planes.

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