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Alaska Airlines Baggage Allowance

Carry On Baggage

Alaska Airlines allows 1 carry on (or hand) baggage of length 61 cm, breadth 43 cm and height 25 cm. Besides, it allows each passenger to carry 1 personal item which can be a purse, briefcase, laptop bag or camera.

For flights operated by Horizon Air or SkyWest, larger carry on items might have to be carried on the plane-side cart because of their smaller size. This will be delivered on cart after deplaning. Passengers shall note that the above dimensions shall be met.


Check in Baggage

For check in bags that are up to 23 kg weight and 158 cm in linear dimensions, the 1st and 2nd bags are charged $25 each and 3rd bag onwards are charged USD 75 each.

Overweight bags of more than 23 kg weight but less than 45 kg are charged $75 each.

Oversized bags of more than 158 cm linear dimension but less than 203 cm are charged $75 each.


Does Alaska Airline Provide Through Check In Facility?

Alaska allows through check in of bags to final destination if there are connecting flights on the condition that the connecting flight is within 12 hours. If time is more than 12 hours then the airline requires passenger to claim the baggage and re-check in again.


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