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Delta Airlines Baggage Allowance




Carry on Baggage

Passengers are allowed to take one carry on luggage along with one personal items free of cost on Delta airlines flights. The personal item which can be carried is one of the following:

  1. 1 purse, camera bag, diaper bag or briefcase

  2. 1 laptop computer

  3. 1 item of similar or smaller size

Additional approved items which are not personal items but are allowed on board are

  1. A jacket or umbrella

  2. Duty free items

  3. Special items, such as strollers, assistive equipments, etc.

  4. Food or drink bought after the security clearance.

What the size limits of carry on baggage on Delta Airlines?

Size of the carry on baggage shall not be more than 114 cm in sum of length, breadth and height (l+b+h).

It shall also be remembered that for the Delta Connection flights wherein the number of seats in plane is less than 50, the passengers are allowed to take only one personal item in the cabin. The regular carry-on luggage would be put in hold at the boarding gate (gate checked) and returned after deplaning.

Is there any weight restriction on carry on luggage on Delta Airlines?

Delta Airlines only has size restrictions and, with the exception of a few boarding points, there is no weight limit on carry on baggage. The stations where this restriction is present are:

  1. Singapore Changi Airport – max weight limit is 7 kgs

  2. Incheon Airport, South Korea- max weight limit is 10 kg

  3. Beijing Airport- Domestic hand baggage shall not be more than 10 kg in weight. For international flights, the rule of the airlines apply.

  4. Shanghai Airport- 10 kg weight limit applies.

What is the policy to carry liquids, gels and aerosols in Delta flights?

Generally, the airline advices to place all such items in check in baggage if you are arriving in US cities. If, however, you are arriving in non-US cities, the airline advices not to bring in any such item. However, even if there is a need to bring these items, the following rules apply:

  1. No single container having liquids, aerosols or gels shall be more than 100 ml in quantity.

  2. This must be placed in a single quartz-size, transparent bag with a zip top. This bag shall be carried separately from the carry on luggage and placed at the specific bin at security checkpoint.

What are “Check-point friendly” laptop bags?

These are specially designed laptop bags which enable the security agencies to see through the bag during x-ray screening at airports. These are recommended for air travellers by TSA since the passengers can then put their laptop bags in luggage.

Check In Baggage Allowance

Delta Airlines levies charges on the check in bags of passengers with some exceptions who are allowed to carry these free of charge. These exceptions are passengers who are  Delta SkyMiles Medallion® or SkyMiles® Credit Card members.

There are six different classes of travel on Delta Airlines. These classes and the standard weight of each check in luggage which passengers are allowed to carry are given below-
1. Basic Economy: 23 kg
2. Main Cabin: 23 kg
3. Delta Comfort+: 23 kg
4. First Class: 32 kg
5. Delta Premium Select: 32 kg
6. Delta One: 32 kg

For passengers travelling on different cabin classes of Delta Airlines, there are charges for 1st and 2nd check in luggage .

Excess Baggage

Delta Airlines, Delta Shuttle and Delta Connection allow up to 10 check-in bags per passenger. If passengers want to carry more check in bags, there are charges for the same. Check out the charges for excess baggage which depend on route of travel.

If the weight of check in bags is more than what is allowed or paid for in the standard check-in baggage allowance, then there are charges for carrying overweight baggage on Delta Airlines as well.

Another scenario where passengers have to pay more for their check in baggage is when the baggage is of more than the standard size. Check out oversized baggage charges of Delta airlines if you have exceeded the dimensions of baggage.

Baggage Exceptions for Military Personnel on Active Duty

When the military personnel take Delta flights for movement on official orders or for personal travel, the check in baggage allowances differ.

While moving on official orders and flying on ANY cabin class of travel, the free allowance is of 5 check in bags of 45 kg each. The size of check in bag shall not be more than 80 inches in linear dimensions.
However, while flying on personal itinerary, the allowance is 2 check in bags of 23 kg each for Basic Economy, Main Cabin and Delta Comfort+, and, 3 check in bags of 32 kg each for First Class, Delta Premium Select and Delta One. Size of check in bag shall not be more than 62 inches in linear dimensions (L+B+H).

Baggage Allowances for Delta Airlines Frequent Flyers and SkyTeam Members

Skymiles Medallion is the frequent flyer program of Delta Airlines. A Delta medallion member can take up to 3 check in bags of up to 32 kg each for free.

While flying Basic Economy, Main Cabin, Delta Comfort+, size of check in bag shall not be more than 62 inches in sum of dimensions and the baggage allowances, depending on routes, is given below:


Origin/destination Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
Within US and Canada 1 bag of 32 kg 2 bags of 32 kg each 3 bags of 32 kg each 3 bags of 70 kg each
To/from US, Caribbean, Central America and South America

2 bags of 23 kg each

To/From Australia, New Zealand & the Pacific via Pacific Only

3 bags of 23 kg each

To/From Brazil

3 bags of 23 kg each

To/from other international destinations

1 bag of 23 kg is free over and above the check in baggage allowance.

While travelling on First Class, Delta Premium Select, Delta One, the baggage allowance is 3 bags of 32 kg each to/from all destinations and across all levels of frequent flyer membership.


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