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jetBlue Baggage Allowance


Carry On Baggage

What is the size limit of Carry On baggage on JetBlue Airlines?

There are two size limits of carry on or hand baggage on JetBlue Airlines.

If this is to be kept in the overhead cabin, the the luggage shall not be more than 55.88cm L, 35.56cm B and 22.86cm H.

However, if this to be kept underneath the front seat, then the size shall not be more than 43.2cm L, 33cm B and 20.32cm H.

What is the weight limit of carry on baggage on JetBlue Airlines?

There is no weight limit on the carry on baggage on JetBlue Airlines. However, there are size and number of pieces restrictions which need to be followed.

How many hand baggage pieces can be carried on JetBlue Airlines?

JetBlue allows 1 carry on luggage and 1 personal item to be carried on board. However, certain items, such as duty-free items, diapers, special assistance items and items such as coat, infant car seat etc can also be carried without charge apart from the personal items and the carry on baggage.


Check in Baggage

Check in baggage rules depend on different fare choices wherein a person books the ticket. There are four fare choices for passengers. These are Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Flex and Mint.

Blue– There is no free check in baggage allowance. Fee for 1st check-in bag is $25 and for 2nd is $35. Weight allowed is 23 kg for each.

Blue Plus– 1 check ┬áin bag free. Fee for second is $35. Weight allowed is 23 kg each.

Blue Flex– 2 check in bags free. Weight allowed is 23 kg each.

Mint– 2 check in bags of 32 kg each are free.

Mosaic customers allowed 2 check-in bags free of charge.


Excess Baggage Charges

For all passengers, including Mosaic customers and Mint customers, the 3rd bag and more would entail a fee of $100 per bag.

Oversized Baggage Charges

  • 63 inches to 80 inches sum of dimensions: $100 per bag
  • More than 80 inches: not to be accepted.

Overweight Baggage Charges

  • More than 23 kg upto 45 kg: $100 per bag
  • More than 45 kg: Not to be accepted

Besides, these check-in baggage rules, there are special provisions for check-in baggage rules for Cuba, Peru, Dominican Republic (DR), Haiti and Trinidad & Tobago.

US Military personnel, whether on active duty, retired veterans, national guards or reserves, have separate set of checked baggage rules.

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