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Best Ways To Get Cheap Air Tickets Anywhere In The World

Ah! for the love of flying cheap. Flyers are innovative people and they have devised any number of tips, tricks and tactics to find cheap air tickets. You can find wholesome literature on finding cheap flights everywhere on the web. While many of these tips or suggestions are practical, some others are misleading and confusing. In order to separate the grain from the chaff, we have provided one of the most practical and effective ways to find cheapest fares.

Here is a compilation of some of these very effective and practical methods of finding cheap flight tickets.

  1. Book in advance of travel date, preferably 3-6 weeks in advance.
  2. Consider round-trip reservations instead of one-way as the former are cheaper than the latter.
  3. Make use of the rewards points if you are frequent flyer member of any airline.
  4. Consider flying to or from secondary airports as these are less congested and less expensive than the major one. The only catch is that the city shall have a secondary airport to a main one. Do take into account the additional cost of traveling to or from that airport.
  5. Consider flying on less popular airlines as these might charge you less than the more popular ones. So, a Norwegian Airlines flight to European destination from America could be less costly than that of Lufthansa or Amercian airlines.
  6. Why not take connecting flight, if the time schedule permits? You might be able to lay hand on some attractive promotional package and also have advantage of seeing a new city and staying comfortably in a hotel for free.
  7. Be a volunteer to be bumped out of airplane in exchange for some attractive deal. Airlines usually ask passengers to move out voluntarily in case of overbooked flight. The airline will surely put you on next available flight at same air ticket price but you will have discount vouchers to redeem for future travel, and might even get a stay at a hotel for free.
  8. Have you called an agency for flight reservations? If no, then you have made a mistake. Why? The agency does have unpublished fares, that is, the fares which are not published on website or any other online medium for the benefit of the public at large. Rather, these are reserved for those customers who make a call to a flight agent. And, these can be really very cheap.
  9. Fly in the lean season or lean time of the day. In other words, if you fly during the non-peak season time, especially when you are flexible to be able to do it, then the best flight rates can be availed.
  10. Hunt for flight deals. This hunting can be done on following channels-
  • Airlines or Agency websites- You can subscribe to their newsletters and even set up airfare alerts.
  • Stand-alone offers available on use of mobile application of airline or agency
  • Offers provided on social media resources for getting more customers. Sometimes, the error fares are reported in social media. Even the agencies and airline offer exclusive discounts and deals on their social media accounts. These resources could be networking sites, forums, blogging platforms or any other.
  • Deals and bargain websites including the coupons sites.
  • Newspapers and other print media resources.

There are many other ways in which the cheap airline tickets can be availed. You just need to be active online and be ready to grasp the opportunity at right time.

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