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Alaska Airlines Check In

Recommended Check In Times

International Flights 60 minutes before departure(90 minutes, from Guadalraja)
Domestic Flights 40 minutes before departure(45 minutes for Denver, Las Vegas, Philadelphia and Atlanta)
Arrive at the Boarding Gate Min. 30 minutes before flight departure

(These timelines remain valid irrespective of whether you are travelling with check in baggage or not)

Methods of Check In

Online Check In Begins 24 hrs and upto 1 hour before scheduled departure of the flight
Mobile Check In 24 hrs- 1 hr before flight departure
Kiosk Check In At least 40 minutes before departure if only carry-on baggage is taken.Bags have to be checked in beginning 4 hrs before flight departure.


Airports where mobile boarding pass is accepted

Mobile boarding pass is accepted on all TSA airports except for Costa Rica and Mexico, Adak, Edmonton, Calgary and Dillingham, where paper boarding pass is required.

Procedure of online check in on Alaska Airlines

  1. Select the departure city and provide any one of the following:
  1. Confirmation code
  2. E-ticket number
  3. Mileage Plan number
  4. Credit card number
  1. Select passengers who have to check in
  2. Confirmation of itinerary. Allows you to enter number of check in bags and to print bag tags at home.
  3. Print boarding pass for each traveler.

What can be done using Online and Mobile Check In on Alaska Airlines?

  1. Print the boarding pass
  2. Pay for check in baggage using credit or debit cards
  3. Change seat assignment, print flight receipt and upgrade to First Class travel.

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