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jetBlue Check In

Recommended Check In Times (US flights)

Finish Check In Min. 40 mints before scheduled flight departure with check in baggage.Min. 30 mints before scheduled flight departure without check in baggage.
Complete Boarding 15 Mints before scheduled flight departure time.

Recommended Check In Times (International)

Finish Check In Min. 60 mints before scheduled flight departure with or without check in baggage.
Complete Boarding 20 mints before scheduled flight departure time.

(Please note that check in baggage is not accepted prior to 6 hours from scheduled departure of flight. Also, check in time varies from airport to airport. This can be checked with the boarding airport

Ways of Checking In on jetBlue Flights

Online Check in Begins 24 hrs before flight time and can be done upto 90 minutes before flight time.
Mobile Application of jetBlue Same as above
Kiosk and Counter Check In Begins 6 hours and upto 30 mints before flight departure time (domestic flights)/ 60 mints (international flights)


jetBlue Online Check In

Following persons are ineligible for online check in:

  • Groups of more than 9 people.
  • Whose flight ticket is not yet confirmed.
  • Unaccompanied minors
  • Those requiring additional assistance during check in process
  • Those bringing extra bag or baggage on flight
  • Those who have bought an extra seat, or are bringing extra baggage.

Online check in can also be done for tickets bought from a travel agency.

Boarding pass of jetBlue

It can be obtained within 24 hours of scheduled departure of flight. You can get it emailed to you, can be downloaded into mobile by using the jetBlue mobile app or get it printed at the kiosk at airport.

jetBlue Kiosk Check In

The facility of kiosk check in is available in all domestic cities where jetBlue flies. Internationally, this facility is available at three airports: Nassau in Bahamas, Montego Bay in Jamaica and Bermuda.

Kiosk check in can be done within 6 hrs of flight departure time if you are having a check in baggage and within 24 hrs if there is no check in baggage. Kiosk check in is available 30 minutes before flight departure time.

You need to have any of the following for kiosk check in:

  • Confirmation code
  • Emailed itinerary with the bar code
  • Credit card with your name
  • TrueBlue number or email address and password if you’re a TrueBlue member


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