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Delta Airlines Liquor Carriage Policy

Delta Airlines, one of the four major carriers in US, has a well-defined policy on carriage of liquor. Before the policy is mentioned, let us first define the term ‘proof’. This proof does not mean ‘evidence’ but is a term which is usually used in liquor businesses to define the quantity of alcohol (ethanol) present in the bottle. The most commonly used alternative terms is ‘alcohol by volume’ which is expressed in percentage but ‘proof’ is not expressed in percentage.

In USA, relation between ‘Alcohol by Volume (ABV)’ and ‘Proof’ can be expressed mathematically as, ABV=2×Proof. This relation can vary in other countries.

Delta Liquor Policy

When the liquor or alcohol is bought after clearing the security at airport, it can be taken as a cabin baggage or in check-in baggage on meeting the following conditions:

  • Up to 5 liters of liquor is allowed per passenger if alcohol content is between 48 proof (24% by volume) and 140 proof (70%).
  • Beyond 140 proof (70%) alcohol content, liquor cannot be taken in flights
  • Below 48 proof (24%) alcohol content, liquor can be taken without restriction as it is not considered hazardous.
  • The bottles shall be carried in their original retail packaging.

When liquor is bought before clearing the security, the provisions relating to check-in and carry-on baggage policy also comes into play. Check details of Delta baggage policies.

For a more comprehensive reading on taking liquor across all US airlines, please visit US Airlines Liquor Carriage Policy on Domestic Flights.

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