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Delta Airlines Tech for Extreme Weather Operations, Parellel Reality And Exoskeletons

delta airlines

That technology can come to aid operations of airlines and improving customer experience was again at demonstration at the CES show in Las Vegas. Delta Airlines announced two new measures which it is working on and which are likely to help in smooth operations and higher passenger satisfaction in times to come.

Extreme Weather Operations

The first of these measures is the use of simulation technology to find the way for airline operation even during the extreme weather conditions. It is notable that extreme weather conditions play havoc on airline operations in US year after year leading to cancellations, delays and rerouting of flights which together cause enormous loss to the airline, not to speak about the really bad experience for the passengers. The technology will work through multiple variables during extreme weather conditions to find the best possible way a flight can operate. The system will be using the operational data to test run different scenarios and define the outcomes in future assuming that there are 1000 airplanes in sky at any given time.

Parallel Reality

parellel reality delta airlines

This technology allows multiple passengers to view on a single screen their respective tailored journey related content simultaneously. This technology will assist multiple flyers to find their ways, directions to departure gates and other locations as per their respective requirements. The tech is being tested in partnership with Misapplied Sciences at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport, at Concourse A of McNamara Terminal of the airport.

The passengers who want to make use of this tech will be required to scan their boarding pass and select language.


delta exoskeletons

What would you say for a person who lifts 200 pounds of weight again and again for about 8 hours? You might call him a super human. Well, consider calling it an Exoskeleton. Delta Airline is introducing this technology of wearable robotic suites which can lift up to 200 pounds of weight repeatedly for 8 hours. These suites will be powered by battery and are designed to help the freight handlers enormously. Sarcos Robotics has partnered with Delta for testing this technology.

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