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Domestic Flights and Important Routes

US Airlines are going back to normal domestic flight operations after the Covid 19 outbreak had put halt to domestic and international air travel. With this fact acknowledged that the virus is not going to go away too soon, it is pertinent that the domestic airline operations be resumed in phased and cautious manner with all possible safety measures in place. Airlines have started offering domestic flight tickets and have allowed domestic flight reservations for the last few weeks. A welcome trend noticed is that the domestic air ticket bookings have been more than the cancellations which are good signals to the path of normalcy and passengers gaining confidence in air travel again. Cheap domestic flight fares are expected to boost demand for air travel.

What Safety Measures Have Been Taken?

The US airline companies and airport authorities have changed some of their protocols to lay far more emphasis on safety of passengers and crew/staff members. Some of these measures include-

  1. Increased frequency of cleaning
  2. More focus on deep cleaning operations inside the airplane and on all surfaces which are touched by passengers (overlay cabins, seat belts, arm rests, etc.)
  3. Flying with reduced capacity, preferably with the middle or aisle seat empty. This is to ensure social distancing of some degree.
  4. More time for check-in at airport, though web check in is encouraged.
  5. Social distancing to be followed at airports as well.
  6. Face coverings of some sort, preferably face masks, have been made mandatory for the people to wear all through their journey, right from the time they arrive at airport and when they leave the destination airport.
  7. People with no face mask can be denied boarding. Else, they will have to buy a mask at airport itself. Provision for having masks at airport and inside airplanes is also being considered.
  8. Passengers not cooperating in any manner will be denied boarding.
  9. Many states do have mandatory self-quarantine rules in place when you land there. They might require you to sign an undertaking that you will go straight to your hotel room or desired place (which will be mentioned) and be self-quarantined for 14 days. If people travel with shorter duration plans, they might have to spend all their days in quarantine only. So, travel plans shall be made after checking the post-arrival requirements of that particular State where you are going.

Can you expect domestic flight deals?

Do check for the special discounted fares on domestic air ticket reservations. There is every reason that airlines will be providing cheap domestic flights. Airlines will be making all possible efforts to get their normal load factors back as soon as possible. This will increase competition in this sector. Another reason for the airline to offer cheap domestic airfares is that the purchasing power of people has gone down substantially. This will not make many economy class travelers to take to flights soon. Cheap domestic flight deals might still encourage them to fly once again. So, airlines are expected to keep offering domestic air travel deals and discounts which you can leverage to your advantage.

Popular domestic flight routes

Listed below are domestic routes to/from most important US airports. These are selected routes of flights within USA. Check out the airlines providing services by clicking on each of these routes.

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