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First American Airline to Be Emissions Free on US Domestic Sector Routes


Guess the airline which will be the first to be emissions free on domestic routes in USA?

This is the JetBlue airline. The airlines has announced that it will be a carbon emissions free airline by beginning of July as it will be able to offset all its emissions. Please do note that the airline industry is one of the largest contributors of carbon emissions which lead to global warming. The industry has taken this work of reducing the emissions seriously by a slew of measures. Now, the airline can not reduce the emissions beyond a point, the companies work out other ways to offset the balance. These include contributing to forest conservation, capturing and reusing methane and other ways.

In specific reference to JetBlue, the carrier has announced that all flights from San Francisco International Airport will be flying on sustainable fuel which has 80 percent less carbon footprint that the fossil fuels which airline normally use. This is a direct way of reducing the carbon emissions.

However, the airline goes beyond it to invest in carbon offsets. This is called buying the offsets. These measures include donating to projects of environmental conservation, reducing, capturing and using methane gas from landfill sites, expanding use of solar and other non-renewable energy sources wherever this is feasible.

For the international routes as well, the airline is planning to have a concrete plan in place for becoming a zero emissions airliner.

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