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How Much Liquor is Allowed On United Airlines Flights?

United Airlines allows carriage of liquor on its domestic or international flights. For international flights, it requires that the passengers take due note of the Customs restrictions and laws of the destination country. United Airlines has following policy in this regard.

United Airlines Liquor Policy

  1. Alcoholic beverages of up to 24% alcohol by volume can be taken without any limit. However, these have to be taken in check in baggage or shall be bought after completing the security screening at the airport from Duty free shops. These beverages can also be taken in cabin luggage but the volume shall be less than 100ml and these have to be kept separately in plastic zip zop bag. Please note that consumption of alcohol brought from outside is not allowed on-board.
  2. Alcoholic beverages of more than 24% but less than 70% alcohol by volume can be taken up to 5 litres per customer. However, the packs must be less than 5 litres.
  3. All alcoholic beverages are required to be packed in such a manner that there is no leakage and spillage to ensure that the other bags are not damaged.

For wine/beer/whysky or other liquor carriage policies of US airline companies, visit: US Airlines Liquor Carriage Policy on Domestic Flights.

To know what items are allowed or not allowed in check-in or carry-on baggage in UA flights and the fee for check-in baggage, do check the United Airlines Baggage Allowance

If you want to speak to the airline, please call its customer service phone number.

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