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How Much ZAMZAM Water Is Allowed On United Airlines Flights?

United Airlines ZAMZAM Water Carriage Policy

ZAMZAM water is considered to be holy water. It is brought from Saudi Arabia by devotees who go on pilgrimage or otherwise to the Saudi cities, particularly Mecca and Medina. Due the the importance accorded to ZAMZAM water, United Airlines allows its carriage on its flights with certain conditions.

United Airlines allows carriage of only one container of ZAMZAM water of upto 10 litres as check in baggage. This will be allowed free of charge and in addition to check in baggage allowance. These Jerkins or containers have to be well packed (seal packed) in a plastic covering in order to prevent leakage or spilled. If more than one containers is to be carried then excess baggage charges would apply.

Is ZAMZAM water allowed in cabin?

ZAMZAM water is not allowed in cabin. It can be only taken as a check-in baggage.

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