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Touchless Travel Technology Interventions in Air Travel

Airlines industry has the reputation to be among the first to adopt innovative technological interventions. How quickly airlines will be able to restore confidence among the travelers will depend, among other factors, how airlines use technology to meet this end? The way tech interventions have been used and will be used in future in response to this Covid 19 has changed the way pandemics are handled on mass scale. This means that the technology companies which are directly involved in providing technology solutions to airlines and/or airports will be required to put their creative minds to work. And, these companies are already responding to this vital need of the airlines now.

One of these companies is Elenium Technologies which is based in Australia. It is a leader in the usage of touchless technology that finds multiple uses at airports. Recently, it was in news for developing special kiosk machines which not only provide touchless check-in facility but are also able to monitor the temperature and heart rate of the person. It can make these checks on health of the person from a distance of 1.5 meters. This self-service touchless device will automatically suspend the process if the vital parameters are not found to be okay. It can be placed at various touch points at airport, such as kiosks, baggage drop counters, immigration and security check points. These act as screening stations for detecting Covid 19 patients.

Another important innovation done by Elenium is to develop ‘hands free’ technologies which work on voice recognition in multiple languages and head movement detection. These interventions can be used during the check-in process for all self-service devices which will minimize the risk of transmission of virus.

These technologies are being tested in the real life situations where there are many passengers a lot more noise. However, technological innovations like these are expected to be the new normal in times to come. These will also go a long way in inspiring confidence among people to take to skies once again. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will be used for varied purposes.

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