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Why International Travelers Must Be Extra Careful While Doing Online Check In?

As most of the American airline companies provide the facility of online or web check in for domestic as well as international flights, you might believe that the process is all smooth for any destination. However, this is not the case.
Online check in enables you to reserve a seat for yourself ahead of others but you might still have to get the passport verified and check-in bag. Therefore, airport check-in timelines for your airline must be followed along with online check-in timelines.

Prior web or app check-in enables you to assign seat and even pay for the baggage at lesser cost than at airport, even though you might still be required to be present at the airline airport counter.

While the international travelers can follow the US airline’s guideline on web check-in, there might be some special requirement from the destination country to provide entry into that country. This makes it important to always consult the airline before booking the one-way international flight from USA to that destination.

Now, mentioned below for the opening and closing times for check-in for international flights of different US airlines.

  • American Airlines (AA) allows online check in from 24 hours till 45 minutes before departure time of flight (90 minutes for international).
  • Delta Airlines, on the other hand, allows online check in only up to 24 hours before the flight departure time.
  • United Airlines also provides online check in facility beginning 24 hours before flight departure time but it does not give the last time. However, it does asks you to check the airport check in times if you need to have a boarding pass at airport or have to check-in baggage.
  • Southwest Airlines also allows online check in beginning 24 hours and up to 1 hour (90m minutes for international flight) before flight departure.
  • Alaska Airlines begins online check in 24 hours before and till 1 hours before flight departure time.
  • Hawaiian Airlines provides it for 24 hours to 60 minutes time window for web check-in.
  • JetBlue Airlines allows web check-in from 24 hours to 30 minutes (60 minutes in case of international flights).
  • Frontier Airlines allows it from 24 hours to 60 minutes before departure time. However, the last to check in at airport (for checking in bags etc) is 45 minutes for domestic flights and 60 minutes for international flights.
  • Spirit Airlines alos allows it from 24 hours to 1 hour before flight departure. You can get the seat assignment and buy baggage.

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